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Securing a career in Supply Chain: What you need to know

​Exploring an exciting career in the Supply Chain industry.

If you’re considering a new career, new job opportunity or career progression opportunity in supply chain, there are some exciting factors to consider in what is one of the largest growing global industries.

Global supply chain is growing exponentially, with recent research suggesting the industry will be worth $37.4 billion by 2027. A huge 11% growth every year from 2022. Supply chain resiliency has evolved rapidly through and post the pandemic, and has been essential in keeping the economy moving.

A supply chain career provides more choice than transport and logistics, and a career path and progression may provide you with more freedom and opportunities then you may realise.

From shipping, mining, industrial, construction, fast moving consumer goods, and retail sectors, to broader roles in procurement, manufacturing, planning, sourcing, logistics and delivery. As you can see, the supply chain industry is dynamic and expanding, filled with various exciting and rewarding career paths and career progression opportunities. The variety of roles mean there are opportunities for those who like more physical activity, those who are more analytical, and others who like to lead and manage.

There is enormous scope for movement and career progression within supply chain companies, with transferable skills allowing you to experience working in different areas of the supply chain throughout your career. Whilst there isn’t necessarily a defined career path within the supply chain, having transferable skills and a broad range of opportunities really means you can take your career anywhere, making it an exciting and rewarding career for many.

The future looks bright for supply chain careers and employment is expected to grow rapidly, as companies are needing to solve problems, identify areas for improvement, maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Projected job growth for supply chain managers in 2022 and the next five years is 10 per cent according to SEEK research.

If you are considering a career change, progression or new job opportunity in the supply chain industry, there has never been a better time to explore this.

Where to from here:

There are a few things you can do to explore that market:

  • Change your profile to “Open to work” on LinkedIn (make sure you fill out what you are looking for).

  • Speak to trusted recruiters, such as Reimagine Talent, you have had contact with or who are cyclists in your area.

  • Keep an eye on the Job Boards for your dream role (set up alerts).

  • Sign up for vacancy alerts at companies you would love to work for.

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