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  • ​Tabitha West provided a reminder that good recruitment agencies do exist. As a prospective employee I found that she was informed and honest about the strengths/weaknesses of the new role/business, employed appropriate assessment techniques, provided excellent feedback on the recruitment process, and always followed up on any queries.A unique service Tabitha provided was access to an independent mentor for the first 3 months of the new role. That truly shows an understanding of the challenges facing new employees, who are at the most vulnerable stage of employment and may not feel comfortable discussing issues with their new employee. My sessions enabled me to focus on what needed to be achieved during the first 3 months, and allowed reflection of the progress made. This was the most complete end-to-end placement service I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

    Andrew Pope
    Andrew Pope, CSCP, Customer Supply Planner

    Scalzo Foods

  • ​Prior to working with Reimagine Talent I was reluctant to offer any recruiter sole recruiting rights. Extended processes and shallow candidate pools were often a disappointment. This is not the case with Reimagine Talent, there is no hesitation. There is a level of confidence, trust and passion that comes through strongly in what they do.One of our biggest recruiting challenges we faced before working with Reimagine Talent was struggling to find 3 or more potentially suitable candidates for a position. We were surprised by the speed, quality and depth of candidates provided by Reimagine Talent. Tabitha took the time to understand the organisation, culture and hiring managers style to find the right fit candidates. She also provided perspective on fit, strengths and weaknesses based on the understanding of the role and hiring managers style.

    Michael Minahan
    Michael Minahan, National Supply Chain Manager

    Scalzo Foods

  • Fantastic experience working with Tabitha and the Reimagine Talent team. As a candidate, the post placement 'Ready for Success' coaching program was a great way to start a new position with expert support from an experienced professional coach during those first few months in a new position. Great concept and well managed - I highly recommend the 'Ready for Success' program offered by Tabitha as a unique value adding service.

    Wayne Kelson
    Wayne Kelson , Senior HR Business Partner

    Select Harvests

  • ​Looking for a new role can be a daunting process and preparation is the key. I chose to engage with a recruiter to assist with my job search. Fortunately, I was able to connect with Tabitha West from Reimagine Talent. The notable difference with their approach is how they prepare candidates for potential suitable roles. Reimagine Talent assisted in the preparatory work including conducting cognitive and psychometric testing to highlight strengths and potential areas for improvement. Most importantly, they assisted in identifying roles that would suit my individual results coupled with my professional background. Their pragmatic approach and helpful advice / coaching has been second to none, which built my confidence as a candidate knowing that the preparation was done. I highly recommend Tabitha and Reimagine Talent when looking for new opportunities.

    Pat Scira
    Pat Scira, National Purchasing Manager

    Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

  • ​I strongly recommend Reimagine Talent specifically, Tabitha West. Her professionalism, dedication, support through the recruitment process from providing information, to coaching and advising through the interview process and finally the employment offer has been second to none. Tabitha has been a representation values of respect, care, dedication not only for her employer clients but also employees such as myself searching for a job. One of the great quality of Tabitha has been to value my time, truly listen to me and my wishes, verify my ability and skills through our one on one communications, and finally invest time and effort in away that was mutually beneficial. I therefore recommend Tabitha and Reimagine Talent not only for those who search for their next adventure, but also for employers who are seeking the best in their long term investment of skilled and experienced talent.

    Nazir Nooristani, Supply Planner

    Scalzo Foods