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Are you a recruiter that is looking to create more of an impact? Are you questioning if there is more to recruitment than KPI's and numbers?

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Our Why

Growing up, I experienced watching my parents struggle to find work and be given a chance to show what they could do, often being treated like numbers. 

Employment or lack of employment can have a profound impact on our loved ones as I saw it first hand in my parents' case. This inspired me to work in recruitment and change the industry.

After 10 years of working for some of the biggest recruitment agencies, I realised that the issues my parents experienced were systemic and I was inspired to set up my own business to create change. - Tabitha, Founder

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Our Journey

In early 2017, Reimagine Talent was founded with one main goal: to reimagine the way organisations match and integrate their talent.

As simple as this sentence may be, we connect with thousands of people every week. The determination to create better outcomes for all involved is not a commitment we take lightly. There are many factors that make successful outcomes possible.

It is a journey of continuous improvement as the workforce landscape changes, harnessing evolving technology, processes, and connecting people with people at the critical times required to make that difference.

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Our Manifesto

  • We're not all about the money. We are committed to a different approach to recruitment, one that is mindful of the impact we have on our team, candidates, clients and the wider community.

  • We're not about filling a role to meet a KPI. We are committed to executing a thorough process including initiatives such as psychometric testing and career transition coaches to support our candidates.

  • We're not about superficial conversations. We are committed to responsive, open, genuine and honest communication with everyone we work with.

  • We're not traditional. We are committed to challenging our models to let us continuously look for ways to innovate and evolve.

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Work with us

Working for Reimagine Talent isn't merely a job, but a strategic career move. We are always looking to grow our team with like-minded people. If you interested in an opportunity to work with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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