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At Reimagine Talent we specialise in creating a customised approach to recruitment in Warehousing and Logistics, throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria and Australia-wide.

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Recruitment Specialists in Warehousing & Logistics

The evolution of consumer spending habits and preferences towards more online shopping in Australia has had a significant impact on the Warehousing and Logistics environments and associated workforces, seeing an increased need for transport drivers and warehouse labour, among other key occupations within the supply chain lifecycle.

Warehousing and Logistics careers present a wide range of opportunities from entry level picker packers, general hands and warehouse loaders, to managers, directors and executive roles.

Those currently employed or seeking employment in Warehousing and Logistics, maybe interested in utilising and optimising established industry practices, while also looking to areas for growth and innovation such as robotics, software development, data management, analysis and forecasting, as well as developing strategies to build supply chain resilience and promote sustainability.

Reimagine Talent is based in Victoria and provides specialised recruitment to local and interstate businesses. Having a local, industry-focused approach allows us to stay abreast of current employment trends, challenges and requirements. Because we have dedicated expertise in Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, we are able to act as an extension of our client’s business to attract the right candidates, with the view to retaining long term permanent staff and painlessly filling temporary roles -Tabitha West, Founder, Reimagine Talent

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Our Warehousing & Logistics Recruitment Expertise

Reimagine Talent’s services have been utilised by businesses seeking staff in Victoria and the rest of Australia for the past 16 years, specialising in Warehousing and Logistics roles including, but not limited to:

  • Logistics Administrator

  • Logistics Manager

  • Warehouse Administrator

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Logistics Officer

  • Logistics Team Leader

  • Shipping Manager

  • Logistics Management Specialist

  • Logistics Assistant

  • Logistics Technician

  • Logistician

  • Logistics Clerk

  • Logistics Director

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Logistics Associate

  • Logistics Supervisor

  • Shipping Coordinator

  • Import Export Coordinator

  • Export Manager

  • Director Of Logistics

  • Import Specialist

  • Import Coordinator

  • Export Coordinator

  • Export Specialist

  • Shipping Associate

  • Shipping Supervisor

  • Import Manager

Our Approach

  • We proactively source local Warehousing and Logistics talent in Victoria and Australia-wide.

  • We build and maintain relationships with a continuously expanding talent pool of Warehousing and Logistics professionals.

  • We enhance your businesses’ ability to attract quality candidates by creating a personable and professional recruitment experience, supporting your Employee Value Proposition.

  • We utilise innovative psychometric profiling, pinpointing and validating candidate’s competencies, and aligning potential for ‘the right fit’ for specific Warehousing and Logistics roles.

  • We put great emphasis on understanding your business’s unique Warehousing and Logistics needs and seek suitable solutions to fit.

  • We ensure all talent represented by Reimagine Talent are fully compliant with Australian regulations based on the type of role you are recruiting.

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To find out how Reimagine Talent can assist you Warehousing and Logistics recruitment, so please get in touch.

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Our Cleint Experience

…the team at Reimagine Talent provided a seamless experience … In a market where sourcing candidates is incredibly difficult … [they] were able to uncover quality candidates in a short amount of time - Shaun (Hiring Manager, 2021)

Our Candidate Experience

Tabitha [founder of Reimagine Talent] is a pleasure to work with. She prepared candidates for the interview very well, gave timely feedback and provided thorough insights of the company - Erin (Candidate, 2022)



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Our Team

Tabitha West

Tabitha West

Founder & Principal Consultant