At Reimagine Talent we specialise in creating a customised approach to recruitment in Procurement, throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria and Australia-wide.

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Recruitment Specialists in Procurement

Businesses in Victoria and throughout Australia are looking for professionals who adapt to the dynamic nature of supply chain and are able to streamline procurement processes, via utilisation of automation infrastructure and Advanced Sourcing Optimization Software.

Professionals in procurement roles need to be able to deliver value for money, objectively select suppliers, seek competitive bids, and implement transparent procurement practices, accurately reporting activities and pain points. Modern technology has allowed for increased visibility of data in contemporary supply chain practices, this means that procurement often requires individuals and teams with a strong analytical thought process and technical skills to work with data, supported by relevant qualifications and experience.

We’ve found that people who enjoy working in a data-led environment, supported by technology that assists in responsive decision making around opportunities, value and risk analysis, thrive in procurement roles. We validate all candidate’s strengths, abilities and work environment preferences via psychometric testing to determine their suitability for roles and specific organisational fit - Tabitha West, Founder, Reimagine Talent

With 16+ years of local experience and respected reputation in procurement recruitment, the Reimagine Talent team enjoys connecting clients and candidates. If you are wanting to attract permanent, contract or temporary staff, or you are searching for work, in Victoria or elsewhere in Australia, the Reimagine Talent team are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Our Recruitment Expertise

Reimagine Talent's team specialises in Procurement roles including, but not limited to:

  • Procurement Assistant

  • Procurement Technician

  • Sourcing Manager

  • Procurement Agent

  • Procurement Director

  • Procurement Officer

  • Procurement Specialist

  • Procurement Manager

  • Procurement Analyst

Our Approach

  • We have a focused specialisation in sourcing local Procurement talent in Victoria and throughout Australia, continuously expanding our talent database.

  • We uncover and communicate your businesses' Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to potential candidates.

  • In addition to résumé reviews and 1-on-1 interviews, we use psychometric profiling to verify competencies, skills, and behaviours to ascertain candidates suitability for Procurement roles.

  • We put great emphasis on understanding the client’s distinguishing Procurement functional needs, expectations and goals.

  • Read more about Our Story, Our Services and Our Process.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to understand more about Reimagine Talent’s approach to Procurement recruitment.

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Our Team

Tabitha West

Tabitha West

Founder & Principal Consultant