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What you need to know about the current supply chain job market 2023

What you need to know about the current supply chain job market 2023

Supply Chain job market trends in 2023 in Australia are showing a softening across the market. This has been influenced by some large international companies being more conservative with hiring and holding off on releasing roles to hire.

However, overall there is still demand for supply chain expertise and talent. The 2023 Australian supply chain job market remains positive, with Seek currently advertising over 8,000 jobs in the supply chain industry across Australia. Seek also suggests a predicted job growth for Supply Chain managers of 3.5% over the next 5 years.

Peter Walsh, CEO of Australian Industry Standards (AIS) states in a recent report that, 

“Supply chains are a key cog in every business and a major contributor to our economy. The supply chain industries that support Transport and Logistics, Aviation, Maritime, and Rail provide essential services in the movement of services, goods, and people across Australia. These industries together employ over 679,000 people across its different sectors and generated annual revenue of over $179 billion from 2021-22.”

The impact of digitisation on supply chain jobs

One of the key challenges currently faced by supply chain companies is a shortage of employees with the skills required in roles that have adopted the latest digital technologies. 

The follow on from the pandemic is still causing unprecedented needs in digital transformation in all sectors of supply chain. Business leaders in Australia suggest this is expected to continue to increase at least over the next three to five years. This has prompted supply chain companies to adopt new data analytics and digital technologies to meet the demands and changing needs of the industry and consumer environment. Digital transformation has certainly made the supply chain industry more agile and resilient, however, this has created a skills gap shortage.

Upskilling, reskilling and training has never been more important. The World Economic Forum has reported that since the pandemic, on average, 40% of workers will require reskilling and 94% of businesses have indicated that they expect their staff to acquire new skills.

What does this mean for supply chain talent when looking for a new role

Supply chain companies are looking for multi-skilled candidates to adapt to the changing landscape of supply chain. Companies are also looking for learning ability and aptitude to learn quickly.

According to a report by Australian Industry Standards, “the top three technical skills in demand (in supply chain) are digital skills; the operation of new systems and emerging technologies; and STEM skills.” And the “top three non-technical skills are communication; flexibility and adaptability; and problem solving.” 

For candidates, this means developing competencies and experience with the digital supply chain, as well as human skills that can’t be replicated by technology, will be an attractive asset on your CV and improve your career longevity.

Reimagine Talent founder and recruiter, Tabitha, shares her top tips for supply chain candidates:

  • Look for opportunities in your current role and workplace where you can gain exposure and experience in different skills, particularly in digitisation and transformation. Where can you put your hand up for learning opportunities?

  • Look for opportunities for upskilling. It may be within your current workplace or a short course or certification. Some supply chain industry bodies are also proposing new apprenticeships in specific roles to address skills shortages.

  • Ensure you present yourself with the key skills that are in demand - showcase your diverse skills in your CV and at interview

  • Join an association like the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), this gives you great exposure to networking and passive upskilling. They also have a fantastic mentorship program. 

If you’re looking for new career opportunities, our recent article “Best free resources to assist you with your job search” will help you with the information to improve your job seeking strategy.