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Best free resources to assist with your job search

Learn where to find the information you need to plan your career and improve your job seeking strategy

​Looking for new career opportunities can be a challenge, especially if you are looking at transitioning to a new career path. It can feel a bit daunting to say the least. Luckily, the Reimagine Team have sort out some useful resources to make the process a little bit easier.

Of course, we are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to have a chat!

​​Career Planning

What is a career plan and how do you develop one? Linkedin Learning’s free How to Develop your Career Plan course is a quick (25m) course to help you understand what a career plan is and how to develop and implement yours in an achievable way.

Expert Advice on the Job Hunt Process

Jenny Foss, Career Strategist, presents a free course via Linkedin Learning, exploring fundamental aspects of the job hunt, such as crafting and optimising your cover letter and résumé, finding job listings, utilising recruiters, professional branding, interview preparation and negotiating your salary.

Finding Jobs: 6 Quick Tips
  1. Recruiters: Register with a recruiter, such as Reimagine Talent, and become part of the talent pool to be first to hear about jobs that might not even be advertised yet!

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  2. LinkedIn: a great tool to proactively search for advertised jobs via LinkedIn Jobs search. You can also enable the #OpenToWork feature on your profile to attract potential employers and recruiters.

  3. Network: Reach out to friends, colleagues, past university facilitators, and even previous recruiters and let them know you are looking for work.

  4. SEEK: Is a well-known website to search for job opportunities, where you can also save your job search criteria and setup email alerts for roles that might suit you. Another way to use SEEK is to register and update your account profile visibility, allowing potential employers to view your résumé and contact you with suitable opportunities. Alternative job search sites include SimplyHired; Glassdoor; CareerJet; Jobactive; CareerOne; ​Adzuna and ​Jora.

  5. Industry Specific: Many professional and trade associations have online job boards where members and industry groups can list career opportunities in the sector niche they represent. Furthermore, industry-specific search websites can be useful for a targeted approach, such as for the not-for-profit sector.

  6. Prospective Employers: Check the ‘careers’ section of company websites regularly or make direct contact with an expression of interest.

Résumé & Application Preparation 

If you are searching for a job for the first time or you haven’t updated your résumé in a while, it’s important to get the basics right first! Next, its time to make it shine with Reimagine Talent’s 5 CV Tips.

Want to learn more about résumé preparation? Prepare to Apply for a Job (Section 3) of LinkedIn Learning’s A Career Strategist's Guide to Getting a Job course is a great resource to review in just 10 minutes.

Does the job ad have Key Selection Criteria? Some job applications require you to make statements about your knowledge, skills and experience against a list of criteria to highlight your suitability for the role requirements. Key Selection Criteria can be intimidating if you are not practiced at responding to them, but they are crucial to address in order to be considered. This guide provides clear steps on how-to address Key Selection Criteria.

​Interview - Preparing & Negotiation 

As a candidate, the interviewing process can sometimes appear to be a somewhat mysterious and nerve-racking undertaking. While it might feel like a crystal ball might come in handy in these situations, being as prepared as possible is your best option. Importantly, remember all other candidates are nervous and your interviewer has been in your position before too!

Type of interview: There are different types of interviews including screening; informal; formal and group interviews. To understand more about the purpose and structure of different types of interviews, we recommend reading 'Interview Tips’.

Do you fumble and get stuck in interviews? 6 Interview Skills That Will Get You Hired provides strategies that will help answer interview questions with poise, precision and professionalism. Additionally, whether you have ‘botched’ an interview or just want to follow up, what should you do? LinkedIn Learning’s A Career Strategist's Guide to Getting a Job course (Section 4 – Interview Like a Pro) is a great go-to guide for these scenarios.

Entitlements, Salary and Negotiating
If you have been successful in being selected as a preferred candidate, congratulations! We know you are taking a little sigh of relief…. but before you sign on the dotted line, you still have some important steps to take. Its time to talk about the nitty gritty of salary, working arrangements and negotiating. We know this might fill you with dread, but we’ve got you covered and have gathered together some great resources to guide you through the process.

 Firstly, the ‘money talk’, a must read to help you tackle this area with confidence is our Founder, Tabitha West’s 5-minute read, ​How to talk about money in the recruitment process.

Next, money isn’t the only negotiable aspect of your work agreement to consider, and particularly in the post-COVID landscape many employees are more commonly seeking flexible working arrangements. Fair Work has published a best practice guide for Flexible Working Arrangements. Here you can read about types of flexible working provisions, legal requirements and more.

If you are a woman (or man for that matter) seeking to negotiate your salary or working conditions, Security4Women have created an invaluable negotiation checklist.

Finally, all employment in Australia must meet the standards set out by Fair Work. Read, Before Starting Employment, to find out about your rights and responsibilities.

Remember, the Reimagine Talent team are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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