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5 benefits of using a Supply Chain recruiter as a candidate

Why Work With a Supply Chain Recruiter?

Applying for roles and using a recruiter can provide you with numerous benefits and advantages:

In-depth understanding of the Supply Chain sector

It is invaluable to work with a recruiter that specialises in the industry you are in (e.g. Supply Chain) as the recruiter will then have an in-depth understanding of the industry, available roles, salary and benefit benchmarking and more. All of the benefits mentioned in the blog will be magnified when you are working with a recruiter who is experienced and understands the roles and industry they are recruiting.

  • They know what to ask a hiring manager to understand the roles and collect valuable information 

  • They are able to more accurately provide advice about roles including your fit with the organisation and skills required to succeed in the role

  • They know who the good companies are to work for (and those who may not be) 

Access to wider range job opportunities

Many roles don’t make it to being advertised on job search websites before being filled. Recruiters have insider knowledge on roles available now and in the immediate future, and have strong relationships with HR teams and hiring managers. Meaning they can directly put you forth for job opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise found out about. 

Expert guidance through the recruitment process

We are here to guide you and be in your corner through the recruitment process. We can help you stand out to hiring managers by support with updating your resume and highlighting your skills and qualifications, preparing for interviews, and making a great first impression. 

Provide invaluable career advice

As a Supply Chain specialist recruiter we have in-depth knowledge of the current supply chain jobs market to help you find your dream role (read more about the 2023 current supply chain job market here). We can provide you with valuable insight into the job market such as salary benchmarks, role expectations, industry trends and hiring processes. We also know what employers are looking for, and can help you position your skills and experience in interviews. We can also help you negotiate salary and benefits.

Find your dream role

As recruiters, we have more detailed information about the role including responsibilities and expectations in the role, what skills and strengths will support you to succeed in the role, what challenges might present in the role, who was previously in the role, what your reporting manager/s are like to work with, what the team and company culture is like, and more. We also take the time to get to know you on a deeper level including your career goals, your strengths and areas for development, and your work styles to identify positions that will be the best fit for you.

You stay in our database

Even if you aren’t hired for the first role you apply for, we keep you in our database for future roles. Because we know your career goals, what you’re looking for, and what roles you’d be best suited to, it helps speed up the process so you’re not spending hours looking for and applying for roles all the time. We have been able to place candidates that we first met with 2 years prior who were not looking at the time. Or equally we have been able to help candidates immediately who really needed support in leaving a less than ideal role/workplace culture. 

We do 2 further things differently at Reimagine Talent

Talogy Caliper profile

At Reimagine Talent, we use Talogy Caliper profile tool to eliminate bias, and provide a value-add experience for you as our candidate. We believe Talogy Caliper profile provides a deeper insight into behavioural and skill work preferences, and to match candidates with a manager and in a team they would thrive in. The right match process allows you to make a sound career decision and ultimately enables you to be successful long term in your role.

The Caliper Profile is a personality assessment, created by Talogy, a global organisational psychology firm and validated by over 50 years of research. The assessment measures strengths, motivations, and areas of opportunity as it relates to the workplace.

‘Ready for Success’ Coaching program

A key difference and something we are proud of is our 'Ready for Success' program. Designed to support successfully placed candidates in their first critical few months of employment. The purpose of the coaching is to assist you in the transition to your new role. The sessions have some framework but there is also an element of tailoring the coaching to you to assist in areas that you feel might help with your transition. The coaching is also to ensure we are supporting you in every way we can to be successful.

Ready for your next steps?

Our recent blog article "What You Need to Know About the Current Supply Chain Job Market" provides details on the current job market.

At Reimagine Talent, connecting talented candidates with dream jobs is what we do. Our team are always here to help and we’re passionate about helping you find the right next step in your career, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you're looking for a new role, please register with us via the Expressions of Interest job ad.