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Career Planning for 2024

As 2024 fast approaches it is important to take time to review your career planning to ensure continued personal and professional growth. The new year is a great time to consider a career change as the volume of role opportunities peaks in the Jan-Feb period every year. 

Why would you consider a career change? 

  • Not aligned with your current role/team/manager or the overall organisation you work for. Many people experience this at least once in their career and often, multiple times. If you are working in a role that you are not enjoying and/or you don't feel there is any long term future, this might be a good time to review where you would like to be in 2024

  • Need for increased salary - with the costs of living pressures we have found many candidates have been forced to look for another role (despite enjoying their current role) due to the financial pressures that are increases currently in Australia

  • Seeking the next step in your career - It might be time to look for the next role that will provide the career growth you are looking for. 

Your situation might be any or all of the above. If that is you, then it is imperative that you review your current situation and make a plan for your career. Many people leave it too late, reaching a tipping point and then frantically apply for roles hoping to secure a new one straight away, rather than having the time to look for the right roles. With this rush in wanting to find a new role, many miss understanding what they should be looking for, and asking the right questions to ensure the role is right for them. This often leads to accepting the wrong role. 

How to review and plan your career? 

Here are practical steps you can undertake to solidify your plans for the year ahead. The main areas you should review are:

Your current role - what you like and don't like about: 

  • 1. Your role

  • 2. Company 

  • 3. Team

  • 4. Manager 

What are your main drivers for leaving?

  • Salary increase

  • career progression

  • Seeking a better cultural fit 

  • More flexibility/family friendly environment  

  • Better formal development opportunities 


Evaluate your current skills, strengths, weaknesses, and career goals. What do you want from your career? Reflect on what you’ve achieved so far and where you want to be in 2024. Identify areas where you need to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, particularly if you’re wanting to take the next step up in your career. To stay competitive and build on your skills, consider taking courses or certifications.

Given the above, what will be your highest priority areas when considering opportunities? 

Knowing this will help you understand where to make your job seeking efforts. For example if formal learning and development is your highest priority then you should be applying for larger companies that have well documented formal L&D opportunities. 

From experience we see that candidates who are clear on what their objectives are, are more successful in obtaining a new role in an area of their choosing. This is because they put their job application time and efforts only into roles that align with what they are looking for. Furthermore when they are in hiring processes they stand out more because they are more engaged and because they know that the role is definitely one that they want. 

When you do receive a job offer, it's important to further review the offer thoroughly to make sure it’s the right next step for you. Don’t feel you have to say ‘yes’ to the first offer you receive if it doesn’t feel 100% right. Some questions to ask yourself are - is this role helping me achieve my career goals? Does it fulfil my highest priorities and reasons for searching for a new role? Is it providing the salary and benefits I am looking for? Is the working environment right for me?

Reviewing and planning your career prior to 2024 will help you make strategic decisions towards achieving your career success and goals.

Remember, the Reimagine Talent team are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.