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What top candidates are looking for: Changes & behaviours of Supply Chain candidates

The supply chain industry has been experiencing a talent shortage since before the pandemic. Hiring qualified workers was then the biggest challenge for Supply Chain leaders. Today, it’s still a candidate’s market. Simply put, the demand for talent outweighs the supply, meaning top talent are in high demand and more challenging to secure. 

This isn’t likely going to change anytime soon, with Labour Market Insights report projecting a 10.2% job growth in Supply Chain leaders over the next 5 years. Furthermore, manufacturers report its 36% harder to find talent today compared to 2018, according to the 2022 MIH report. The report also found that vacant entry-level manufacturing positions continue to grow.

Since the pandemic there has also been a significant shift in innovation and technology in Supply Chain. Companies can use this as a catalyst to drive innovations that not only reduce manual labour, but also attract both top talent and young, diverse talent who find advanced technology environments appealing.

But how does a candidate’s market and supply chain job growth impact the behaviours of candidates? 

When supply chain hiring managers are looking for talent, it’s important they understand what candidates are looking for in order to attract, secure and retain the best talent for your team.

Career progression opportunities

Candidates are valuing professional development and thinking long-term when it comes to considering working for a new company. They want to know what opportunities are available for upskilling and career progression in future, and what the next 3-5 years might look like in their career.


We know the pandemic significantly changed the landscape of flexible working arrangements and working from home. A survey by FlexJobs found since the pandemic, 39% of employees still prefer a hybrid working environment, and 58% want to work from home permanently. Whilst not all positions are possible with remote working, candidates are still looking for flexibility in their working arrangements whether that be flexibility in work times or leave arrangements.

Leadership support

Around 75% of candidates think it’s important to know their future employer’s leadership style, according to SEEK research. They may even online background check their potential future leader through LInkedIn. Candidates want to feel confident they are making the right choice when moving companies, and they are looking for leaders who can help them learn and grow their skills.

Workplace culture

Candidates are looking for companies that share the same values, and build and promote positive workplace culture. SEEK survey data suggests candidates are looking for a workplace that fosters ‘collaborative’, ‘supportive’, and ‘respectful’ teams.

Reimagine Talent founder, Tabitha West, shares her advice on how Supply Chain companies can attract and secure talent in today’s candidate market:
  • Offer, and more importantly actively promote professional development and upskilling pathways in job roles when hiring

  • Be transparent in the job description and include visibility into compensation, benefits, workplace behaviour and culture, leadership management styles, and direct team 

  • Sell yourself as a leader. One of the biggest changes in candidate behaviour has been the interest in the direct leader. This can either make or break talent attraction and retention 

  • Showcase how your company rewards excellence through career progression, professional development opportunities or bonuses

  • Update your company’s (and personal) online presence via website and LinkedIn profiles to attract the best talent

  • Act swiftly - candidates may have several job offers simultaneously, so avoid delays in interviewing and approval processes or contacting candidates for job offers and updates

In today’s market, candidates value work life balance, company culture and career progression. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

For further recruitment support, the team at Reimagine Talent are always here to assist you in your recruitment process, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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